Fully automatic water soluble fertilizer production equipment

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304 stainless steel
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Product details description

1. Integratingbatching, mixing, and packaging, all of which are automated.

2. Automatically mix 3-10 materials according to the weight ratio specified in the formula, and then measure, fill, and package them according to the specifications of 5-10Kg/bag.

3. Use prefabricated plastic woven bags, heat seal the inner bag, and sew the outer bag with thread; Semi automatic filling and sealing of manual bagging; Tight sealing and good sealing performance.

4. The process flow design, equipment structure design, and material selection of the production line meet the requirements of anti-corrosion. The equipment can be easily cleaned, and all parts that come into contact with materials are made of stainless steel.

5. Because some materials contain water of crystallization, it is easy to absorb moisture and liquefy at high temperature; The equipment of this production line has fast batching and mixing speed, and the contact time between materials and air during the production process is short, so it will not absorb water or regain moisture.

6. Accurate measurement, batching accuracy of ± 0.1% - ± 0.2%, uniform and efficient mixing.

7. The batching system can store multiple formulas, making it easy to modify formulas; It can achieve various specifications of ingredients and packaging for 5Kg/bag and 10Kg/bag.

8. The equipment layout is compact, with low energy consumption and high efficiency.

9. Easy operation and maintenance, stable performance, low failure rate, and reliable operation.

10. Smooth flow of people and logistics, high degree of automation, and reduced manual labor.