Extrusion granulation equipment/Squeeze granulation machine

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GY rolling granulator

I. It granulates powdery materials directly at room temperature, high in granule intensity and free of pollution emission during production, etc. II. It is rational in equipment structure, stable in operation, low in running noise, convenient in operation & maintenance and long in service life. III. It is applicable for compound fertilizers, organic-inorganic compound fertilizers,

mono-element nitrogen fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, feedstuff & snow-melting agent granulation.



GYD series squeezing granulator

  GYD series roller granulator is a granulatorimage.png

  developed by German technology on the basis of Gy

  granulator. It is used to produce particles with

  diameter of 30-45mm. According to the characteristics

  of different raw materials, special materials are

  selected for manufacturing. The mold hole can be

  customized according to the requirements of users.

  The machine has the characteristics of wide

  adaptability, compact structure, large single machine

  capacity, high molding pressure, high yield, low power

  consumption, convenient operation and maintenance. It

  is suitable for granulation of compound fertilizer,

  powdered limestone, magnesia powder, copper fine

  powder, chromium concentrate powder, lead-zinc waste,

  bauxite, non-ferrous metal powder, coal powder,

  charcoal powder, powder refractory, powder ceramic

  material and other materials.

Sino-german joint venture

Customized die roll for rolling granulator

As the core component of a rolling granulator, the quality of die roll directly affects the granulator performance. For years, the Company has adjusted the die roll materials for many times based on the actual situation of the fertilizer production industry and with the help from domestic authorities and experts. The die roll is machined and manufactured by using an automated production

line, with its quality meeting the domestic advanced level.

The die roll has the following features: 

1. The materials are based on a dedicated formula as developed by the experts, which are strong in anticorrosion and applicable to granulate various acid and alkaline materials. 

2. Adopting the advanced thermal surface treatment technology, it is excellent in wear-resistance, long in service life, long replacement cycle. 

3. It is high in machining accuracy, sound in interchangeability and convenient to repair and replace. 

4. The die hole is machined with intelligent equipment. The hole bottom is smoothly-curved. The materials are sound in a mould unloading effect, fully granulated and high in unit output. 

      5. The die roll is polished before delivery and can be applied to production directly.


Flat-die extruding granulation unit

The machine is featured with a rational structure, convenient operation, high output, stable and reliable performance, etc.

It is applicable to granulate feces of livestock and poultry, peat, straw, sludge and other fibrous organic fertilizer raw materials.