Lito Technology Successfully Delivers Southwest Fully Automatic Water Soluble Fertilizer Production Line Project

Release time:2022-05-04    Click:352

On June 17, 2020, the Hainan Haiken Xipei and Sichuan Longhetan 20kt/a fully automatic water-soluble fertilizer production line projects, which were contracted by Qinhuangdao Lito Technology Co., Ltd., successfully reached production standards and were officially delivered to customers. Taking this as a symbol, Lito Manufacturing has a more stable position as the "leader" in the domestic water-soluble fertilizer industry.


It is reported that the Longhetan project is the first domestic single line production line with the largest production scale, which was contracted by Lito Technology in 2019. After successfully reaching the standard and reaching production capacity, Lito Technology successfully delivered another large-scale fully automatic water soluble fertilizer production line project to customers.


The water soluble fertilizer project includes two production lines with a daily output of 100 tons of powder water soluble fertilizer. After completion, it will form a production scale of 20000 tons per year, making it the largest single fully automatic water soluble fertilizer complete set project in China. The project is undertaken by Lito Technology, including engineering design, main equipment supply, construction installation, and production line debugging. Currently, the actual production capacity has reached 50 tons per day, exceeding the planned output value.


Faced with adverse effects such as short contract duration, large engineering volume, hot weather and high humidity during the rainy season in the early stage of construction, Lito Technology's after-sales installation service department fully utilized its professional expertise, mobilized multiple resources, and ultimately relied on its strong technical strength to ensure the progress node and project quality, creating a new record for the construction of a complete set of projects that reached production and standards within 20 days.

The CANBIN fully automatic self diagnosis and anti blocking material proportioning system independently designed and developed by Qinhuangdao Lito Technology has met the design requirements in all indicators, truly solving the problems of material accumulation and poor measurement accuracy caused by material moisture absorption. This product is a key research project of Lito Technology, designed specifically for hot and humid weather conditions in China. It uses circular long-distance telescopic activation shear technology to expand the cross-sectional area of material positioning, with a maximum shear height of 7.8m and a width of 9.5m. The successful development of the CABIN activation system will greatly promote the localization process of water soluble fertilizer equipment in China, and is of great significance for the development of the water soluble fertilizer equipment market.

After years of continuous innovation, Lito Technology has successfully developed large-scale fully automatic special fertilizer production equipment with a daily production capacity of 10 to 100 tons. It can provide customers with intelligent equipment design and manufacturing technology solutions for powder water-soluble fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, formula fertilizers, and other intelligent sets of equipment, and has unparalleled advantages in the domestic market.

In recent years, a group of leading domestic fertilizer industry enterprises such as Yuntianhua,China Tabacco,Liuzhou Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, Green On, NPS, Vedan, Asia Symbol, and Tianyu Huijing have chosen Lito Technology as strategic partners, and have continuously launched multiple "sample projects" and "boutique projects" in the domestic special fertilizer industry through strong cooperation.